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Imagine how you much you can improve your life

Changes in your behavior and habits can drastically improve your quality of life. You can heal from recent or past traumas, overcome depression, and transform your negative habits into positive behavior patterns through counseling and hypnotherapy.


Meet your unique needs with individualized therapy that caters to your temperament. Arthur Levine, MA, LMHC is a Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor and is certified as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist.  Call us today to schedule your appointment.



Over 30 years of experience

Utilize our extensive training and years of professional practice in order to help deal with the challenges that you face in your life.

Feel more confident

Most insurance is accepted

Arthur Levine is actually a preferred provider for many insurances companies. Get the care you need at prices you can afford.

Overcome your stress



You can achieve your goals

You can quit smoking for good or achieve and maintain your ideal weight. Hypnotherapy can help you make permanent changes to improve your life.

Get real results



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Heal and transform your life

Discover healthy coping mechanisms and overcome harmful habits.

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